About Us


Fine Fit Industries Pvt. Ltd. is founded by a team of manufacturing and supply chain professionals who have been directly involved in the design and manufacture of leather safety products since 1994.


Fine Fit Ind., the most recent manufacturing venture of the founders, is focused on end-to-end delivery of leather safety products as Fine Fit Ind directly manages production from the point of raw material acquisition to the delivery of the end-product. Our leather safety products have had incredible success across Europe, USA and Africa, and this is a testament to the experience of the leadership team and the skill of the artisans creating the products. Over the years our manufacturing capacity has scaled to the point where we can potentially fulfill orders of any size.


Product Line


Fine Fit Ind. is CE certified company, and its product line includes:

  • Safety Leather Gloves like chrome leather gloves, green-lined gloves, red heat gloves, yellow nappa gloves, candy stripe gloves, etc.
  • Leather aprons
  • Workwear gloves like PVC gloves, nylon gloves, nitrile gloves, Comarex gloves, freezer gloves, cotton gloves, etc.
  • Dust mask and cartridges
  • Reflective vests


The industries and lines of work covered by our leather safety products include mining, engineering, construction, agriculture, welding, general work sector, gardening, driving, sports activities, and general use.


Order Fulfilment


Fine Fit Ltd. abides by a customer-centric motto. As we dedicate great importance to each customer, all orders are delivered within the customers’ desired time frame. We have fulfilled every order to date with the delivery of only the highest quality products, created with absolute accuracy of the order’s terms.


Fine Fit Industries is an ACCREDITED COMPANY with EN, CE, ISO 9001. 2015


Our Vision


Our vision is to be the primary choice of anyone seeking a manufacturer of leather safety products.


Our Mission


Our mission is to delivery products that make work and life safer for everyone.


Common Objectives


Fine Fit Industries seeks to build mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships, built upon trust, with all its partners. We recognize that our success lies in the success of our customers, and therefore, we deliver only the highest quality products so that our customers are able to out-perform their competition.